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Sandy Eastwood, RN
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Getting Her Dream Job

Sandy Eastwood has a long commute between Bailey-Boushay House and her small rural community north of Seattle. She uses the drive to think about the clients she calls “my folks.”

Hai Hua, Magdalena Lemus, and Jerry Mora
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Keeping This House a Home

If Bailey-Boushay House had a well-kept secret, it would have to be the experienced housekeeping team of Hai Hua, Magdalena Lemus and Jerry Mora. They work discreetly behind the scenes to make sure this building comforts all who live, work and visit here.

Whitney Xu
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The Gifts of Bedside Pampering

Whitney Xu is a scientist by profession. On Tuesday evenings, though, she leaves her Benaroya Research Institute lab for another kind of work: pushing the spa cart at Bailey-Boushay House.

Joan Allen
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A Mother and Daughter Act

Mal Joseph was in her seventies when she began volunteering at Bailey-Boushay House — and she did it on a dare.

A friend told Mal, “If you’ll do it, I’ll do it.”

What’s funny, her daughter Joan Allen recalls, is that “Mom’s friend stopped soon after, but my mother kept coming. I don’t think she ever missed a volunteer shift in the kitchen in all her years here.”

David Rogers
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Facing the Stigma of HIV

When David Rogers discovered Bailey-Boushay House, he immediately knew: "That's who I want to support in honor of Rudy's memory."

David's first partner, Rudy Hebert, died of AIDS in 1990.
Phil Bereano
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Turning Grief into Positive Action

Phil Bereano goes upstairs to the third floor every time he visits Bailey-Boushay House. At the end of the hall, in a peaceful solarium, he reads the dedication plaque honoring his lover, Michael Myers.

Ellie David
Profile PhotoA Front Row Seat to the Bailey-Boushay House Story

For 20 years Ellie David has sat front and center as witness to the loving and life-changing care provided by Bailey-Boushay House. From her volunteer work to her written stories that have graced the pages of the Homefront newsletter and the Virginia Mason annual report, Ellie has been the voice for BBH. Ellie's connection to Bailey-Boushay is also a personal one. In 2001 Ellie's dear friend of 30 years passed away at BBH from cancer and since then she's said goodbye to two more friends at BBH.

A. Carol McDaniel
Profile PhotoVolunteer
Bailey-Boushay House

A. Carol McDaniel has been a good neighbor of Bailey-Boushay House since before the facility was built.

Back then the real estate broker, who lives within walking distance of BBH, turned activist and met with neighbors who feared a decline in property values. She reassured them that the proposed facility would be an asset to the community.
Linda Fae Leonard
Profile PhotoReceptionist
Bailey-Boushay House

Though Linda Fae Leonard's official job title is receptionist, folks around here just call her mother. "I take care of everybody. If people need to vent, I listen. If the place is in an uproar, I'm the peacemaker. I keep the lobby in control.

Margaret Johnson, RN
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Making a Difference as a Nurse

Margaret Johnson wasn't looking for a new job when she first visited Bailey-Boushay House in 1995. Working as a nurse on a hospital surgical ward was challenging and rewarding, she says, "and I really loved what I did."
Kathryn Swingle
Profile PhotoSocial Worker
Bailey-Boushay House

Kathryn Swingle worked in HIV outpatient care before she moved to Seattle but “coming to Bailey-Boushay House,” the social worker says, “was my first time working closely with death and dying.”

It was 1996, just before life-saving AIDS medication became available. Every resident she worked with was at end of life.

Dick Patten
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Have Car, Will Drive

Back in 1994, it was Dick Patten’s wife who wanted to volunteer at Bailey-Boushay House but her schedule didn’t work out, so she suggested he sign up instead.


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